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_MG_8919_ppThough Toronto Indie Artist Erin Ford has spent her entire life immersed in music, singing, and performance, it is the release of her debut album Natural Progression that marks her true musical introduction to the world. A diverse collection of 12 original songs with elements of light rock, R&B, pop, blues, jazz, reggae and some say a little country. It is smooth and rich featuring Erin’s powerful, soulful, smoky, passionate and sometimes vulnerable vocals backed by lush layers of acoustic instruments, horns, electric guitars, vocal harmonies and percussive rhythms. Some of Toronto’s finest freelance musicians play on this record. From the can do, follow your dreams, never give up R&B title track to the peaceful Canadian cottage life she depicts in “Fire Nights’ to the waltz anthem giving people hope to “Just Keep Going” through life’s adversities, listeners can feel how much Erin wishes to help and inspire others through her music and lyrics.

In 2007 she set out to produce and record her songs and create an album that was real, human, inspirational, positive and rhythmic; something reminiscent of her favourite era of music, the 70’s yet relevant for today. She accomplished this and more calling it inspirational pop/rock with a vintage vibe. Natural Progression took 8 years to complete with Erin facing 2 severe and mysterious illnesses halting recording and editing twice. It’s her sheer determination and tenacity that’s made it a reality! She had a creative hand in every aspect of her record. Writing, arrangement, engineering, performance, editing, mixing, producing, album design and finally releasing it October 3rd 2015 under her band/brand name Erin Ford & The Good Life through her own indie label, ELF Music. Music Blogger Makeda Taylor gave this quote, “A dynamically appealing album with killer rocky blues vocals”. Mike Skinner, Toronto saxophonist, arranger and composer wrote, “Imagine if Janis Joplin had sung with Chicago and you have Erin Ford’s Natural Progression”.

Erin’s performed on the Toronto scene since the early 90’s playing in restaurants and clubs, at festivals, for charities and for hire at private functions and corporate events. She is a FACTOR award recipient and through it an earlier release of her song, “It’s All I Can Do” was heard on Canadian radio throughout the 90’s. Jamie Vernon wrote in his Review on Rising Independents, “Though adept at guitar, Ford’s voice is her strongest point. It is obvious Erin has an ear for melodic pedigree and vocal strength to feed any song”. Having formed her indie label in 2002, in 2003 she began building a professional home studio and educating herself about recording. In 2005 Erin established her band/brand Erin Ford & The Good Life and set a goal of releasing her first original CD. She ultimately achieved that goal in 2015 with the release of Natural Progression. Toronto musician and producer Virgil Scott wrote, “I have a copy…it’s very interesting…killer players all around”.

Although Erin has healed from acute illness, her second one, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is considered chronic leaving her unable to nurse nor able to easily work in just any environment. It’s always been her desire to be a full-time musician and now through the wisdom of the Universe she is doing just that.

Erin’s mission is to encourage others to never give up on their dreams! To write and produce positive, meaningful music that entertains and raises the collective vibration and consciousness of the world. She feels guided by the legacies of John Lennon and Bob Marley reviving themes of peace, love and unity in her current writing.

Future goals for Indie Artist Erin Ford include live performances, production of music videos, writing and releasing new singles, touring, producing other artists and the expansion of ELF Music.


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